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Leaky Building Syndrome is costing the building industry billions

Leaks are one of, if not, the biggest issues facing the building industry in Australia and around the world. And the problem keeps getting worse and worse. While modern building materials, practices and design may be the root of the cause, the reality is the leaks still need to be fixed.

The issue is costing the building industry billions of dollars every year. This is largely because very few people have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively diagnose the source of a leak and resolve it once and for all.

Instead, builders and homeowners are spending thousands of dollars tackling the most obvious possible source of a leak, only to find that when the next downpour comes the leak is still there. Then they move on to the next ‘obvious’ solution, over and over again, while the repair bills grow and grow…


‘Victoria is facing a crisis of faulty, dangerous and leaking buildings that experts warn is comparable in scale to the historical scourge of asbestos'
The Age. 17 December 2016


Martin Speller – Leak Detection and Rectification Expert

‘I’ve spent the last 20 odd years diagnosing and repairing thousands of building leaks. I’ve witnessed first hand, the damage leaks do to buildings and the financial impact they have on their owners and the builders who built them. And, every year the problem gets more widespread'.


Get the skills and knowledge needed to effectively diagnose and resolve leaks

Through The Leak Professionals training courses, I’m sharing my specialist knowledge and tried and tested processes to help the building industry address the issue head on. My courses focus on getting to the root cause of the problem, quickly and efficiently, and fixing it once and for all'.

The Leak Professional’s courses and resources are specifically designed to provide you with the tools, approach, processes, knowledge and solutions needed to quickly and cost-effectively diagnose and resolve building leaks. They’re suited to:

+ Builders and developers +

+ Architects, Engineers and Surveyors +

+ Building Repair and Maintenance Professionals +

+ Building owners +

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Got a building leak that you're struggling to diagnose and fix? Don't want to waste your precious time and money trying to get to the bottom of it? The good news is, if you're in Australia you can get The Leak Professionals on the case.

With over 20 years experience diagnosing and rectifying building leaks of all types, you can count on us to identify the source of the leak and fix it, quickly and cost-effectively.

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