The 7 Best tips for Leaking Balconies

Balcony leaks are notoriously hard to diagnose

The ever increasing popularity of balconies and the thousands upon thousands of apartment towers that have been constructed over the last couple of decades, mean that balcony leaks are one of the most common issues homeowners and builders have to deal with.

'It's the membrane mate'

When a balcony is leaking, most people jump to the conclusion that the membrane must've failed. They spend thousands of dollars ripping up tiles, re-waterproofing and retiling, only to find that when the next downpour comes, it's still leaking.

So they move on to the next 'obvious' solution, again and again. Costs spiral out of control and still the problem doesn't get fixed.


'In my experience diagnosing and repairing leaking balconies – 75% of the time it isn't the membrane'

Martin Speller, Leak Detection and Rectification Expert

Find out what the 7 Top Causes of
Balcony Leaks REALL are

In this eBook The Leak Professionals shares the 7 most common causes of leaking balconies. Reading it could prevent you from wasting tens of thousands of dollars fixing potential problems.

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