Top 10 Causes of Building Leaks

Most buildings leak

Building Leaks can be incredibly hard to diagnose. And, if they're not fixed can cause significant damage to a building. Damage that costs ten's of thousands of dollars to repair.

As Leak Detection and Rectification Specialists we've seen it all. We've also seen builders and homeowners spend thousands of dollars tackling the most obvious possible source of a leak, only to find that when the next downpour comes the leak is still there.

In this eBOOK The Leak Professionals share the
10 Most Common Causes of Building Leaks.

It's designed to help you work out where your leak could be coming from,
so that you can avoid throwing money down the drain fixing possible problems.

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Martin Speller – Leak Detection and Rectification Expert

‘I’ve spent the last 20 odd years diagnosing and repairing thousands of building leaks. I’ve witnessed first hand, the damage leaks do to buildings and the financial impact they have on their owners and the builders who built them. And, every year the problem gets more widespread.

Through The Leak Professionals training courses, I’m sharing my specialist knowledge and tried and tested processes to help the building industry address the issue head on. My courses focus on getting to the root cause of the problem, quickly and efficiently, and fixing it once and for all’.

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